LA Streetsie Awards 2008


(editor’s note: This will be the last post of 2008 for Los Angeles Streetsblog barring any major story breaking this week.  Here are, in my opinion the best and worst of 2008 in transportation news.  Enjoy, and see you all next Monday.)

Story of the Year: The battle over Measure R and its final passage

My Favorite Story to "research" and write: Parking Day LA

Best Streetfilm: LA’s Bike Co-Ops

Best Streetsblog Op/Ed: Dana Gabbard on Measure R

Best Interview: City Councilman Tom LaBonge

Story That Has Been Covered to Death that Will Be Covered to Death Again Next Year: The Battle over Expo

Streetsblog Op/Ed Title That Leaves Least to Imagination: Proposition T in Santa Monica is my Candidate for the Worst Urban Planning Idea of the Year.

Best One Day Event: Downtown Pasadena Walkabout with a h/t to the It’s Time to Move L.A. Conference

Best Lecture: Gordon Price

Best Transportation Series Nobody Is Talking About (outside of The Valley): Stephen Box and the Woodland Hills Warner Center Neighborhood Council’s Panel of Visionaries

Dumbest Waste of Money: Metro installs turnstiles to Keep Us Safe from Terrorists

Best Community Plan That Is Being Ignored by the City: Eco-Village’s Car Free Vision for Planned LAUSD Parking Lot

Best Community Plan That Nobody is Ignoring: South L.A./ Staples Center Improvement Plan

Best Move by Metro Board: Stopping Service Cuts

Worst Place to Park a Bike: Dodger Stadium

Best Statement by a Politician: Obama promises to boost bike-ped funding if elected

Worst Statement by a Politician: "The Public Votes with Their Gas Pedal" edges Villaraigosa tells cyclists to look somewhere else for funds

Most Horrific Crash: July 4th Mandeville Canyon Disaster

Worst Story That Won’t Die: LAPD’s newfound obsession with bicycle licenses edges the Mayor’s Pico-Olympic Plan

Best Sign That LA Is Moving in the Right Direction: Parties Planned around Late-Night Metro

Best "Web Exclusive" Series: Co-existence but a h/t to the Bus Bench’s Dead Escalator Series

Best Collaborative Effort: Fred and I write to papers about Feuer Bills

Gone But Not Forgotten: Livable Places, Emerald City


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