Streetfilms Looks at Bike Kitchen, Bike Oven, and Bikerowave

When I first moved to Los Angeles, people from the east coast warned me that I was going to get so frustrated with the car culture that it would drive me crazy.

What I discovered was something else.

True, the car-oriented culture seems so ingrained with so many city officials that sometimes it does feel like transit and bike activists are pushing a boulder up a hill, but I also found an activist community that has real heart.  A community full of good people, pushing the ball forward in a variety of different ways.

Nowhere is that more true than with the bike co-op culture.  Even with some key players out of town on the filming days, the essence
of the co-ops and the people that make them work shine through.

Normally when I post a Steetfilm I do a short write-up of the film, but I’m not going to do that this time.  If you can’t view this film where you are now, watch it when you get home or next time you’re in front of a computer with speakers.  This one is required viewing.

  • Another excellent Streetfilm. Thanks Clarence and Damien!

    I must say,

    Valentina stole the show!!!

  • KG

    So awesome! I love that LA’s unique bike community is getting some streetfilm love!

  • As an OG Cook and super bicyle enthusiast let me just say this is my favoritest piece on the workshops in Los Angeles EVER! Frickin’ Fantastic!

    Thank you a million times.


  • Chris Lahiji

    This is wonderful, inspirational, and an asset for everyone who uses it.

    Well done.


  • I’m glad everyone is liking it! Keep them coming. Hopefully we will be able to get more Streetfilms in L.A. I can’t travel that much, but we are hoping to get freelancers interested so we can maybe average one short Streetfilm per month. If interested, let Damien know. And thanks for everyone letting me visit their kitchens and ovens….

  • You’re right that we’re pushing a boulder up a hill, but in the end, all that physical activity will give us lots of muscle.

  • Rachel

    This is so good to see! I am moving to LA in January and I don’t own a car and am glad to know that there is a thriving bike community.

  • It really makes me see that these collectives are perfectly spaced in L.A…I feel protected.


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