Fix Expo Increases Pressure In Advance of CPUC Ruling


On Thursday, the California Public Utilities Commission will take up the issue of whether or not the plans for Phase I of the Expo Line are safe for the students of the Foshay Learning Center and Dorsey High School.  A preliminary ruling in late October sided with those opposed to Expo’s current construction plan because it was dangerous to students at the two schools.

After the initial ruling, both those for and those against the Expo Line as it is currently designed increased their public relations efforts.  A South L.A. Newspaper, the Sentinel, conducted a Q and A with leaders on both sides of the Expo Debate back in October, does a good job of explaining the "pro" position on the line.  If you want to read a long point by point rebuttal of many of the arguments outlined in the article, Damien Goodmon has helpfully provided them at the Fix Expo blog.  Advance warning, this long post takes some time to read.

Check back on Thursday for the results of hearing and any news on the next steps in the battle.

Image: Citizen’s Campaign to Fix the Expo Line

  • JRider

    Damien is so far off-base. It is tragic how much damage one loud idiot throwing around claims of “save the children!” and “environmental racism!” can do.

  • Interurbans

    Why is anyone paying any attention to Damien and Fix Expo? All “Fix Expo” is, is a vehicle for Damon’s political aspirations. He is building a monstrous mountain out of a very small mole hole. Why is it OK for the East LA Gold line to pass two high schools along with several elementary and middle schools where the neighborhoods are embracing the new LRT line instead of fighting against it? With the exception of Damien and Fix Expo with the cost, inconvenience and problems that they stared, most of the neighborhood is also in favor of building the Expo Line ASAP.

  • I wonder if some realize that through their comments they expose more about themselves, than about those whom they seek to demonize.

  • The reality is, that Damien Goodmon and Fix Expo are major players in this issue. To ignore them in the lead up to a major development in the story would be bad writing on my part.

  • Alan K. Weeks

    Yes you did the right thing by printing all the NIMBY’s phony claims, Histerical propoganda and dis information. Intelgent people should be able to see thru all of the phony fog Damien and group are trying to create. They are making a tremendous effort to turn fantasy into fact. Damien and his Nimby followers (Followers are a cult) can not do much damage with the general population, who most likely are too busy to follow this “Soap Opera”.
    My only concern is that all of this warped propaganda may scare the living daylights out of the “Lilly livered” politicans on the California Public Utilities Commission. They will make the final decision on Thursday. Years
    ago one could be confident that the Commission would make a rational and intelegent decision. Not today. Most buracarats are scared of their shadow.
    Let us hope that on Thursday sanity prevails.

    Alan W

  • Gotta love Alan Weeks and Co. So angry…all of the time. If that passion were directed at fighting for grade separation instead of fighting the people who want grade separation, it might actually get us closer to the type of rail transit system this region needs and deserves.

  • An honest question here. Would it be cheaper just to move the high school?

  • Honest answer: No.

  • Gokhan

    Damien wants us to direct our passion to join him in his fight. If we all joined him in his fight, there would be nothing built. Is this the type of rail-transit system this region needs and deserves — nothing?

    Damien’s use of the race card was inappropriate, divisive, and unfair. His whole crusade is being based on his selfishness, which really doesn’t care if he divides the community, cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, or delays the project. Very few people could fall to this level of selfishness.

    I hate to say this to my friend Damien, but he will lose in this one way or the other. Either Expo will move forward with the original plans or he will cause Farmdale to be closed and people in his community will hate him for that forever.


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