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About Us

Streetsblog is a daily urban planning news source connecting people to information about sustainable transportation, housing affordability, the legacy of redlining, policing, and what it takes to ensure our cities are more accessible, more equitable, and more welcoming for all.

Streetsblog first began covering the movement to transform cities - via the reduction of dependence on private automobiles and improving conditions for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit riders - in New York in 2006. Reporters broke important stories about transit funding, pedestrian safety, and bicycle policy and made arcane topics like parking prices and induced traffic accessible to a broad audience.

When Streetsblog launched in Los Angeles in 2008, we originally took much the same approach. In 2012, however, we shifted gears, seeking to ensure a wider and more diverse array of voices were uplifted on planning issues. Our hyper-local coverage of South Central and Boyle Heights, in turn, opened the door for us to both broaden the range of issues Streetsblog covered and to ensure race, equity, and the righting of L.A.'s many, many past planning wrongs were always centered in conversations about where Los Angeles was headed next.

Today, hundreds of thousands of readers rely on Streetsblog's award-winning reporting for important insights into the people, agencies, policies, and processes that shape what ultimately materializes in and on Southern California streets.

Streetsblog LA functions independently from Streetsblogs in other parts of the country, including Streetsblog USA, which have no control over Streetsblog LA's editorial policies or vice-versa.