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Streetsblog brings you reporting you don't get from the mainstream media. As Southern California's media landscape shrinks, Streetsblog has been increasingly breaking stories that readers can't find at the L.A. Times, the Daily News, or on broadcast media. If you're in a position to support effective independent journalism, then consider donating to Streetsblog today.

Streetsblog L.A. Communities Editor Sahra Sulaiman broke news of the LAPD shooting of Jermaine Welch, a bystander shot six times then treated as a suspect. Sulaiman spotted out  contradictions in the Sheriff Department account of the killing of Dijon Kizzee. Sulaiman revealed unreported details on LAPD officer Frank Hernández egregious beating of Richard Castillo, an unhoused, unarmed Boyle Heights resident.

Streetsblog L.A. Editor Joe Linton amplified Downey residents concerns over Metro and Caltrans' plan to demolish hundred of home to widen the 605 and 5 freeways - and the Metro board's later push to rein in that project. Only after Streetsblog broke the story did KNBC air coverage of Metro plans. Linton also broke the news that Metro and Caltrans' Burbank area widening of the 5 Freeway is five years behind schedule and $73 million over budget.

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With the shuttering of the Alhambra Source, SGV Connect Producer Kris Fortin has stepped up to report on several Alhambra stories, including the city's plans for new parks. Fortin was also the only reporter sharing the voices of San Gabriel Valley Black Lives Matter protesters.

Streetsblog California Editor Melanie Curry is one of very few reporters tracking the California Transportation Commission, where her reporting has lent strength to advocates' push for appointees who stand for clean air and equitable transportation.

Streetsblog San Francisco Editor Roger Rudick has frequently corrected the mainstream media record on California High-Speed Rail. L.A. Times readers would hardly know that hundreds of miles of California high-speed rail are under construction, the largest infrastructure project in state, if not the nation.

Streetsblog L.A. founder Damien Newton recalled now Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris' role on climate, when she was California Attorney General. Newton has brought needed attention to overlooked stories - including innovative housing solutions in Lancaster, and other facilities for housing the unhoused.

Streetsblog brings you all these and more - stories that you just can't find at Southern California's mainstream media outlets.

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Don't take just Streetsblog's word for it. In a look back at how mainstream media missed the Nithya Raman story, L.A. Podcast co-host Hayes Davenport laments that for "in-depth and honest" coverage of Raman's city council race, the public mostly had to turn to alternative outlets including Streetsblog Los Angeles. Davenport wrote:

We really, really need this new enthusiasm for local coverage to keep growing. We need coverage that offers a perspective and asks you to care, instead of trying to dodge accusations of bias and missing the story entirely. We need places like KNOCK.LA, LA Pays Attention, LA Taco, Streetsblog, and The LAnd to get stronger and better-resourced, and we need more of them.

If you value Streetsblog L.A. for bringing you stories that the mainstream misses, then please support our work. Donate today to keep Streetsblog strong and independent.

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