CicLAvia 20: Culver City Meets Venice, Open Thread

The immensely popular CicLAvia open streets festival opened streets yesterday from Culver City  to Venice. Photos by Joe Linton
The immensely popular CicLAvia open streets festival opened streets yesterday from Culver City to Venice. Photos by Joe Linton

The first CicLAvia of the year took place yesterday along about six miles of Washington Boulevard and Venice Boulevard extending from Culver City to Venice. The weather was cool and sunny, the crowds were huge, and there were, of course, all kinds of Angelenos running, walking, skating, and bicycling.

Yesterday’s CicLAvia returned to the same popular route that the festival opened in August 2015. This time around it felt like more businesses knew the drill. From Tito’s Tacos to informal streetside fresh lemonade stands, businesses opened their doors to invite in the great foot traffic.

Huge crowds (a nice problem to have) meant plenty of bike-on-bike congestion near hubs, especially approaching Venice Beach. Expo Line trains serving the event were packed with bicycles, too.

CicLAvia on Washington Boulevard in Venice – way more people using the streets than a typical Sunday
This couple set up their card-playing picnic in the parkway on Venice Boulevard
All shapes and sizes of Angelenos bicycling CicLAvia
The Venice High School cheer squad greeted participants in front of the VHS hub
Tens of thousands of cyclists participated in yesterday’s CicLAvia Culver City Meets Venice

How was your CicLAvia Sunday? Tell about your experience in the comments below.

  • Mark Connelly

    Interesting to see so many cyclists without cycling cloths. The event sure draws the casual biker. Would be nice if the route length was longer.

  • kentschen

    This was my first ever CicLAvia and I definitely had a blast. Went car-free across LA County via Metrolink and Metro, just to get to Culver City. Met a lot of people along the way who were all excited to be able to enjoy a day, with good weather, out on the streets. I ended up biking up to Santa Monica before taking the Expo Line back.

    Documented my experience in a vlog:

  • Joe Linton

    My daughter rode about 2 miles on her tiny pink fixed-gear pink bicycle! We enjoyed frozen yogurt, veggie burritos, the park in Culver City, and a trip to the comics shop!

  • Sirinya Matute

    We made it to the Culver City hub yesterday morning, and got to say hello to Jon and Amy Weiss. We slipped into a coffee shop near the Arclight for an artisanal coffee of some sort, and then tried to keep our toddler from marching straight into the lion water fountain. There was excellent wayfinding signage at the station.

  • Mike

    This Ciclavia was a bit of a challenge for me, because I wanted to find a way for my mother to check it out and enjoy it. She has a tough time walking for more than a couple of blocks. So I tried to find an outdoor seating restaurant on the route where we could watch the proceedings but where I could park just a couple of blocks away.

    I chose Metro Cafe on Washington Pl and Sepulveda. We managed to park about 3 blocks away, which is far for her but still doable. This plan would have worked out really well, except Metro Cafe was packed.

    We ended up sitting on a low block wall over by the Travellodge. I got some doughnuts and coffee from Donut King and we chatted for a bit while watching everyone go by.

    Eventually the White People for Black Lives protesters stopped right in front of us and chanted in one spot for what seemed to be a very long time. Mom was too tired to find another spot so we tried to wait them out, but, eventually we gave up and left.

    I was hoping I could get her a sense of the joy of it and how all of the many tribes that make up LA get to participate. I’m not sure I succeeded. But Donut King makes a mean donut, so that alone was worth it.

  • calwatch

    The original Downtown to Venice route was too long and had a lot of bike congestion, and was not walkable. Although I did not participate this time, I walked the previous route (as I do almost all Ciclavias) and that was more reasonable. Shorter, more frequent Ciclavias are better, in my opinion, than long events less often, unless there is a special purpose or tie in (626 Golden Streets had the road running tie in for people who wanted to use their own feet). Plus shaped Ciclavias are better than the linear ones, because people feel too tempted to “do the route”, although obviously that depends on individual circumstance. I’ve preferred the Downtown-centric Ciclavias for that reason because they generally have legs which can be explored on multiple occasions.


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