The Week in Livable Streets Events

Monday – Bike Week events in North Hollywood, Cal-Poly Pomona, and the Streetsblog/CICLE Streetfilms screening tonight in Pasadena.  Get the details for all Bike Week Events at the Bike Month Mega-Page, but get the details for tonight’s big event in Pasadena visit CICLE’S Bike Week Pasadena Page..

Tuesday – Tuesday’s Bike Week events are highlighted by The Good Samaritan Blessing of the Bikes in mid-town and the Mayor’s Bike Ride in Pasadena.  Get the details for all Bike Week Events at the Bike Month Mega-Page.

Wednesday – Metro holds a bike ride after morning rush hour Downtown, Long Beach teaches road safety skills and its Ladies Night in Pasadena.  Get the details for all Bike Week Events at the Bike Month Mega-Page

Wednesday – Metro holds its once-a-year hearing on its annual budget at 2:30 in the Board Room.  Good times.  Get the details, here.

Wednesday-Thursday – Metro Board of Directors Committees meet to set the agenda for this month’s Metro Board.  For the most part, decisions made at these meetings are held firm by the Board in the full meeting.  The HOT Lanes transponder program, a recommendation on the length of the Wilshire Bus-Only Lanes, and much more will be determined.  Check the full agenda at

Thursday – Is Bike to Work Day.  There will be booths set up around the county for people biking to work, and there are happy hours spread out for those biking home.  Get the details for all Bike Week Events at the Bike Month Mega-Page

Thursday – Breathe L.A. will hold its first in a series of monthly symposium on a transportation/public health issue.  This month’s topic is T.O.D. in the Miracle Mile.  The discussion runs from 9:00 A.M. to 10:30 A.M. at 1000 N. Alameda Street.  Get the details, here.

Friday – Is Bike to School Day.  Its happening everywhere where there’s a school.  Get the details for all Bike Week Events at the Bike Month Mega-Page

Friday – Saturday – At the end of Bike Week, it’s the top pedestrian event in all of Los Angeles…the Big Parade!  The Big Parade is a two-day walk through Los Angeles that will start in downtown, at the famous Angel’s Flight Stairway, and finish at the Hollywood Sign above Beachwood Canyon. Day One ends – and Day Two begins – at the famous music Music Box Stairs – site of the Oscar-winning Laurel & Hardy film of the same name – in Silverlake.  Get more details on our calendar page, or all the details at the Big Parade Facebook Page.


A Very Bikey Week in Livable Streets Events

Let’s just jump right in, shall we? Monday – Bike Week kicks off in L.A. in just a couple of minutes.  Join Metro and City executives and some of the city’s top bike advocates at Exposition Park at 10:00 A.M.  Get the details, right here. Monday – When it comes to Bike Week, the City […]

The Week in Livable Streets Events

This week there is a ton of bikey stuff happening around the county, especially inside city limits, Pasadena and Long Beach, as part of “Bike Week” celebrations. We’re highlighting some of the events below, but be sure to check out Bike Long Beach, Bike Week Pasadena, Santa Monica Bike Week and Metro’s Bike Week page to see more […]

This Week In Livable Streets: Bike Week 2016

It is Bike Week, including Bike to Work Day! Get up on your bike and enjoy one of the 52 great weeks a year for bicycling in Southern California. Monday 5/16 – It is Bike Week! Cyclists ride free on Metrolink trains all week. Check detail listings for Culver City, Orange County, Santa Monica, Pasadena, and […]

This BIKE WEEK In Livable Streets #BikeWeekLA

Be Traffic! The good kind, though, because it’s Bike Week. It’s that fresh springtime week when some entities that do very little for bikes most of the time talk about how much they do for bikes, while finalizing their budgets that contain nearly nothing for bikes. Smile for the camera! It’s also a good time […]

Bike Friendly Fridays: Bike to Work Week

For one week a year, transportation agencies around the country and around L.A. County put their best face forward to the cycling community by programming a series of bike-friendly events intended to encourage and support better cycling.  The majority of the events, with the notable exception of Bike Writer’s Collective Bike Not to Work Day, […]