Today’s Headlines

Accompanying the Washington Post story below is a slideshow of D.C. cyclists, including this one in a contraflow bike lane.
Accompanying the Washington Post story below is a ## of D.C. cycling,## including this contraflow bike lane.
  • Daily News : No on Prop. 23
  • Local Stimulus: $111 Million, 55 Jobs (City Watch)
  • Epstein : Metro Needs a “Plan B” for 30/10 (HuffPo)
  • A Couple of Major Pitfalls to the Bike Plan (Bikeside)
  • We Can Certainly Be More Original than “Bridge and Tunnel” to Discuss Hipster Commuters (KCET)
  • Salon Gives a Half-Serious Look at Asian Interests in CAHSR
  • New Gerald Desmond Bridge Just for Engine Powered Vehicles (LB Post)
  • Biggest Bike-Share in America Debuts in Nation’s Capital (WaPo, NYT, GGW)
  • LaHood: Distracted Drivers Killed 5,500, Injured 450,000 in 2009 (Orlando Sen via Transpo Nation)
  • How to Load Your Bike on a Bus’ Bike Rack (The Source)
  • How Germany Deals with Bikes on Trains.  Hint, It’s Not Threaten Cyclists on the Internet (Railzone)
  • Downtown L.A. Loves Parks Too! (Downtown News)

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