Today’s Headlines

Screen_shot_2010_06_03_at_6.36.51_AM.pngGraphic from Be a Green Commuter Blog on how to ride transit to campus.
  • Four Cops from Last Friday’s Critical Mess Put on Desk Duty (LAT, LA Weekly)
  • More on Tuesday’s LABAC/LAPD Meeting (LAist, KPCC)
  • City should implement bike lanes in response to LAPD Critical Mass brutality (Eco-Village)
  • Bicyclists Sue City of Seattle Over Crashes on Streetcar Tracks (The Seattle Times, Bike Portland)
  • City Officials Ponder Future of Clean Tech Corridor (Downtown News)
  • First "Official" Historic Studies of Route 66 Kick Off Next Weekend (LAT)
  • Complete Streets, Transit-Oriented Development Top Grist List for Kicking Offshore Oil Habit …
  • … Obama Admin Not Nearly as Decisive (Post, News), Though We Won’t Be Nuking the Gulf (NYT)
  • Mini-Apartments Becoming Option for Classy Areas (LAT)
  • When a Professional Cyclist is Killed in S.B.; Lawyers Claim an Accident (SB Sun via Biking in L.A.)

(Yesterday, I accidentally listed a story, Musings on Trends and Challenges of Increased Transit Use, as written by me that was by Dana Gabbard.  My bad. – DN)

  • Erik G.

    So, in the San Bernardino/Jorge Alvarado case…if you are a licensed operator of a 3-ton machine involved in manslaughter, but under the age of 18, your name gets kept out of the paper??


  • Only coverage of the Farmdale hearing I am aware of:

    (one of the comments notes the pro/con speakers were more like 40%/60% not the 80% against cited in the write-up). And “I would also like to point out that the specter of racism reared it’s ugly head, but not in the way you might expect. I heard one black man in a flurry of words near the end of his comments call a previous speaker (a white woman) a “cracker”. There were people there that cheered when this guy said that. I was appalled by that kind of talk.”

    Damien Goodmon’s aspirations continue their downward spiral…

  • Marcotico

    Oh great! Another installment of the Dana G. & Damien G. show!

  • Marcotico–The Damien G. part is winding down, if that assuages your grumps. Goodmon’s website hasn’t been updated in months, ditto months have passed since the last posting of his beloved diatribes on this site.

    A local online news-site has Damien’s pre-hearing rant (and note the predicted hundreds far overstates the actual attenadance)

    And here is a letter by a local resident refuting Mr. Goodmon: