Sustainable Sundays at the Natural History Museum

Local urban
planner/community activist James Rojas is Building Sustainable L.A! His
interactive urban planning art project allows participants to
reinvasion a green LA by using a medley of found objects.  Participants
are invited to place these objects on a plot plan of the city and
become part of the constantly changing urban environment.  This project
allows people get comfortable with the city and channel their inner
urban planner, envisioning public and civic amenities.

Rojas’ model is up throughout the day, and he’s speaking at 12:30 p.m. As co-founder of the Latino Urban Forum, an advocacy group of architects, planners and activists, he will talk about Latino
settlement patterns in the U.S. Because of the way the Latinos retrofit
the auto-oriented built form — with walking, the use of public transit
and street vending — they are, advertently or not, transforming the
suburbs into sustainable places.


Place It! w/James Rojas in Downtown Los Angeles

 Let your imaginations run wild, while problem-solving, planning, designing, cooperating, and collaborating to build a 3-D interactive map/model of a city of your dreams in this critically-acclaimed workshop with MIT-graduate and city planner James Rojas! Rojas will discuss key elements of the logistics, creativity, empathy and design used in shaping how we live using colorful […]

Progressive Planner James Rojas Leaves Metro

In a letter to friends and supporters posted on the Latino Urban Forum (LUF) listserve, one of Metro’s most progressive planners, James Rojas, announced that he will be leaving the transit agency to create an urban planning high school in East L.A. Rojas may be best known to Streetsblog readers for his "interactive planning models" […]

PlaceIt! Envision the Future of Northwest Pasadena

Envision the Future of Northwest Pasadena A grassroots approach to urban planning workshop   PASADENA CA — August 5.  Urban planner James Rojas will bring his Place It! Workshop to the Flintridge Center in Pasadena on August 17.  The ninety-minute workshop will capture the power of the individual and community to reflect, explore, and develop shared […]

Pushing Planning Boundries in Santa Monica with James Rojas

(editor’s note: This story is written by James Rojas, who’s sustainable transportation models have been featured here at least three times in the past.  His most recent model, one of a Santa Monica geared towards cyclists and pedestrians, can be viewed at the 18th Street Art Gallery in Santa Monica until March 27 as part […]

Imagining A Sustainable Downtown through a Model Building Excercise

As part of Downtown’s LA Open House, James Rojas will create a sustainable model for downtown LA.  Imagining Downtown is a weekend long interactive public project inviting participants to imagine, and develop innovative land use and transportation elements in a model form based on their personal experiences. Participants will be provided with a medley of […]