Listen: Scary Subway Vent Shafts Sound Off In Bel-Air Video

No, not the vent shafts! Capture from Bel-Air Association video
No, not the vent shafts! Capture from Bel-Air Association video

It’s difficult to take this one seriously. The Bel-Air Association recently posted a video scaremongering about the Darth-Vader-breath-like noises that they think will emanate from proposed Metro subway ventilation shafts. The BAA opposes Metro’s future Sepulveda Transit Corridor subway “tunneling under our fragile hillside.”

This isn’t the first well-off white community to wig out over transit riders coming anywhere near. Beverly Hills, Bel-Air, and Sherman Oaks have all rallied against Metro subway plans, often as disingenuously and as amateurishly as this latest video. In fact, the video where Beverly Hills blew up its own high school (via special effects) just turned ten.

A week from today, Thursday June 16 from 6-8 p.m., Metro will host a hosting a virtual community meeting to provide an update on the Sepulveda Transit Corridor’s recently completed public scoping period. Registration and access details at Metro’s The Source.


Preliminary Federal Ruling Sides With Beverly Hills Against Metro Subway

Last week, United States District Judge George Wu issued a ruling [PDF] in Beverly Hills’ legal battles against Metro’s plans to tunnel the Purple Line subway beneath Beverly Hills High School. The Beverly Hills Courier portrayed the ruling as a victory for Beverly Hills in that Judge Wu chided subway proponents for “not properly considering the environmental effects […]