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  • Oren

    Re: the stolen bike letter, the writer doesn’t blame Expo at all. Whoever wrote the headline put that in completely extraneously.

  • Hey Joe — just a constructive point about one of the links you shared. The Santa Monican never “Blames Expo” — it seems like this was someone at the paper who added that commentary. The letter writer actually never mentions that as a possibility, but is instead asking what the city is doing to combat bicycle theft. I think it’s a fair enough question. His closing comment seems completely fair:

    “People need to know how the City’s is responding to bike theft. What is it’s commitment. What happens when a police report is filed.”

    Just wanted to point out that your headline doesn’t accurately reflect the content of the letter writer.

    Thanks for all you do. Before moving out here I was a daily reader of SB Chicago and am thankful for everything the team does at SB…

  • Joe Linton

    Yes – sorry it was just the SM headline – sometimes I am rushing and skimming…