Today’s Headlines

  • The Militant Angeleno Posts Great CicLAvia – The Valley Guide
    …CiclaValley Also Previews CicLAvia – The Valley: the RouteNearby, and Getting There
  • Metro’s Q&A On the Foothill Gold Line – Opening This Saturday March 5 (The Source)
    …How the Gold Line Will and Won’t Affect the 210 Freeway (SGV Tribune)
    …How the Gold Line Connects To Azusa Colleges (SGV Tribune)
    …Sound Walls Mute Gold Line Train Sounds (SGV Tribune)
  • Giving Active Transportation Its Due In SE L.A. County (CA Walks)
  • L.A. Experiencing A Hit-and-Run Epidemic (NBC4)
  • Comment On Metro’s Active Transportation Strategic Plan (Investing in Place)
  • Attack on Sikh Metro Bus Driver Prosecuted As Hate Crime (KPCC)
  • Are Americans Leaving Cars Behind? (Washington Post)
  • Move L.A. Still Says Improved Rail Connections Would Reduce Traffic Congestion

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  • effron

    So according to one of “Metro’s ATS great infographics”, like the one shown, of those who take the train 0% arrive there by bus. Fact or completely misleading statistic? Either way it doesn’t make Metro look good.

  • Joe Linton

    where?? link?

  • effron

    Joe, it’s your link, fifth item from the top.
    “Comment On Metro’s Active Transportation Strategic Plan” link: “Investing in Place”

  • Nate

    Yeah- those graphics make no sense. Apparently no one goes from train to bus or bus to train in LA.

  • Nate

    Actually, I guess they are just looking at the first trip, and not further connections. Still not the best graphic, since someone who rides both modes is not “a bus rider” or “a train rider.”

  • effron

    It’s one of things that’s so deeply frustrating about Metro as an organization. They’re terrible communicators. It’s stuff like this and their billboard campaigns about “easing traffic”. It’s either absolute nonsense or patently wrong. Its one empty, misguided message after another. Its no wonder their ridership is plummeting. They just don’t know how to address an audience. What’s worse is that this stuff ain’t free. They pay good money to look foolish!

  • M

    Because my work has a certain number of employees in Pasadena, we have to fill out a survey every year on how we get to work and the surveys are usually lacking in details/true understanding at how some people commute to work. For each day I had to report how I got to work by selecting ONE and only one of these options including:
    -drive alone
    -train/airplane (yes these were the same option)
    -car pool

    I could only select one… so if I took a bus and train, that might come across as bus only or be interpreted as airplane. I personally usually bike for quite a few miles and ride the bus. Again, I could only select one, although only selecting one was incorrect since there was no way I could take the bus without walking for miles first. Also pretending that walking + bus/train is not a valid option minimizes and ignores that some people are walking .5 miles or more on either end of their bus/train ride.

    I don’t know if Metro is offering survey options like this, but whoever is coming up with these types of surveys doesn’t actually even understand how their survey format is pretty much asking people to give them incomplete/misleading data.