Today’s Headlines

  • Metro’s Phil Washington Urges Long View Of Metro Ridership (KPCC)
    …What the L.A. Times Missed In Their Ridership Story (LAist)
    …No, Not All Metro Riders Really Want A Car Commute (CityLab)
    …Round-Up Of This Month’s Metro Board Meeting (The Source)
  • The Sky Is Falling – “Carmageddons East And West” (LAT)
  • Metro Bike-Share Doesn’t Go Far Enough (LAT)
  • Councilmember Bonin Champions Affordable Housing At Shuttered Venice Metro Yard (Argonaut)
  • Drivers Don’t Respect North Figueroa Crosswalks (Hoff the Beaten Path)
  • Where the Heaviest Car Traffic Is In West Hollywood (WeHoVille)
  • Urbanize L.A. Previews Inglewood’s Shiny Stadium Plans
  • Homeboy Industries Founder Backs NIMBY Ballot Initiative (LAT)
  • Let’s Go L.A. Looks At County Size
  • Public Input Mixed On Self-Driving Car Regulations (KPCC)

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  • Mike

    Sadly, I suspect that Father Greg might be right about the NIMBY initiative. Passing it will definitely make it more difficult to build low-incoming housing. But if it does not pass, it is highly unlikely that the current legal situation is going to create a bunch of low-income housing either.

    If low-income residents are one’s concern, the future will be worse with-or-without the measure, why not chose the route that reduces the rate of change?

  • Joe Linton

    That makes no sense. Passing this NIMBY initiative will make L.A. worse for low-income housing.

  • Mike

    It certainly makes things worse for the *potential* for low income housing. But nobody’s going to build any low-income housing in LA, with or without this law.