Today’s Headlines

  • South L.A. Pedestrian Killed By Metro Blue Line (KTLA, KPCC)
  • If Cities Are Serious About Climate Change, Talk About Banning All Cars (Gizmodo)
    …OK It Is Satire, But Treehugger Agrees
  • Expo Test Train Collides With Truck, Derails (SM Daily Press, LAT)
    …Expo Crash Is A Sign Of Bad Things To Come (SM Mirror)
    …A Minor Crash During Testing Could Be A Good Thing (Santa Monica Next)
    …Expo 2 May (Curbed) Or May Not (The Source) Open In April/May 2016
  • Black Chef Cyclist Says Culver City Policeman Harassed Him For Going Too Fast (Facebook Vid)
  • Planning Commission Approves Hollywood Palladium Towers (LAT)
  • Terrified Journalist Learns L.A. Cycling Riding With Bike Train (LAT)
  • OC Register Inteviews San Clemente Bike/Ped Advocacy Leader Brenda Miller
  • Four North American Land Systems (Let’s Go L.A.)

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  • calwatch

    Honestly, if cities are serious about climate change, they need to stop serving meat at their facilities. I’m far from one of those militant vegans (or any vegan/vegetarian at all) but it is well known that meat contributes more than cars to climate change, when you consider the deforestation and other impacts. Or, at the very least, only serve chicken and fish at state-run cafeterias, and for those city-sponsored breakfasts and stuff, just turkey sausage and sustainable eggs.