New Urbanism Film Festival

Announcing New Urbanism Film Festival Second Edition November 6-9, 2014

Introducing New Urbanism Film Festival returning in its second year to Los Angeles



For immediate release:  Los Angeles, CA – September 11, 2014 – New Urbanism Film Festival returns to the heart of the city for four days of illuminating documentary films, interactive events, tours and workshops.  Set in the thriving La Brea district the festival debuts its second year November 6-9, 2014.


Launched in 2013 the New Urbanism Film Festival is an immersive experience of documentary films, events, tours, workshops and conversations that opens a meaningful dialogue about revitalizing traditional neighborhoods and cities that are walkable, healthy, diverse, thriving places between planners, developers, architects, engineers, public officials, investors, community activists and the movie-going public audiences.

This year’s Festival will be held over four days on November 6-9th  at Acme Theater on La Brea.  Returning with an even stronger schedule of 5-fold the film submissions over last year, the Festival is set to engage a wide-audience into participating in creating and influencing our built environment.

The real-life stories documented through the Festival’s films connect regular people, planners, architects, designers, artists, developers, investors and city officials in creating a better urban world for today.  The films act as moving-postcards of real-world places where children play unsupervised on narrower streets, shared with slow-moving cars and cyclists; where parks and tree-lined neighborhoods are a permanently shared presence; where the freeway is abandoned for a far more efficient public transportation system; where cities cleverly grow inside their limits maintaining the surrounding farmlands; where people of all ethnicities and social status amiably join into voicing their needs and band together until the most thriving solution is found.  From architects, designers, city officials, mayors, urban planners and urban developers to the every-day citizen, the stories showcased at the New Urbanism Film Festival showcase create a powerful merging of forces resulting into better communities, healthier cities and a livelier, far more meaningful every-day life.

The New Urbanism Film Festival’s creators are Josh Paget and Joel Karahadian.  Paget, a comedian, and Karahadian, a musician, have produced events together before.  They discovered they are both avid fans of bicycling and public transit, and are deeply passionate by the idea of “back-to-basics” neighborhoods and cities.  The Festival sprung from a monthly meet-up they initially created, called Noodles and New Urbanism, where people discussed local issues and current events on urban planning.  Once they started a blog people began to share articles, books and video materials which led the two to create the Festival.  A simple desire for better living, through a healthy, well-knit community and city, led two people to create a Film Festival on New Urbanism where the conversation can include all types in celebrating, explaining, and inspiring quality urban design.

In its second year, the New Urbanism Film Festival is corralling an ever increasing attention from filmmakers, civic leaders and urban thinkers.  The Festival has received more than 5 (five) times submissions than the previous year, showing that change is not just wanted, but actually happening, in many cities, around the world.

A full schedule, complete with film introductions, is to be announced in the coming weeks.


About New Urbanism Film Festival: The New Urbanism Film Festival is a four day immersive experience of documentary films, events, tours, workshops and conversations that opens a meaningful dialogue, about revitalizing neighborhoods and cities into walkable, healthy, diverse, thriving places, between planners, developers, architects, engineers, public officials, investors, community activists and the general public.  The films are worldwide submissions, documenting improved urban shifts from city-wide projects to individual-sized ones.  The best films go on to win the New Urbanism Film Festival competition and are screened around the country by the Congress for New Urbanism (CNU).  This year the New Urbanism Film Festival will return to Los Angeles, November 6th through 9th, at the ACME Theater.

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