Today’s Headlines

  • HSR Considering Tunnel for Burbank-Palmdale (DN – includes upcoming meetings schedule)
  • I Have Friends Who Are Bicyclists, But “Is Bicycling the New Rude?” (Glendale News Press)
  • Pedestrian Enforcement Detail: Officers Blame Peds for Half of Accidents (Glendale News Press)
  • Re-Played: Bike Trains Help New Bike Commuters, Includes Scofflaw Driver Interview (NPR)
  • LAPD Car Hits and Kills Naked Man Lying in the Street in South L.A. (KTLA)
  • Columnist Sandy Banks Tries and Likes Lyft and Uber (LAT)
  • Right-Buffered Bike Lanes Best for Keeping Cyclists Out of Door Zone (SB Chicago)
  • For NYC, Transportation Funding Sales Tax is Regressive (SB NYC)
  • Santa Clara Still Widening Expressways Despite Less Traffic (SB SF)

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