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  • Dan W.

    The sooner the Orange Line is upgraded to light-rail, the better.

  • kdbhiker


  • El Farto

    please oh please oh please have the orangeline brt replaced with rail. please baby jesus or please.

  • calwatch

    Converting the Orange Line to LRT would be a terrible use of funding, at least until other “unconstrained” projects like the Gold Line extensions to Whittier and Ontario Airport, South Bay Green Line Extension to Old Town Torrance, and the Sepulveda Pass Corridor are built. There are peak hour capacity constraints (although those are artificial, as Metro used to run buses up and down 9th Street in Downtown every 90 seconds!) but light rail would require years of construction, lots of detours which would scare away passengers, and not provide much benefit. Better to improve north south access and connections to the Wilshire Corridor, where many riders are going anyway and would love to go from Ventura Boulevard to UCLA/Westwood in ten minutes or less.

  • Why can’t the Orange Line get longer buses as seen in Curitiba?

  • MKnight

    Because this isn’t Brazil. The sooner we all realize that and stop fantasizing about that city and the lies Metro told us about buses, the better off we’ll be.

    We have tougher regulations that don’t allow longer buses due to streets not being designed to handle them. If you need a really long bus, then build a train. Most places in the world already know that.

  • MKnight

    Some parts are true. But saying that we should build rail to exburbs and into other counties before building a train that should have been built years ago isn’t one of them.

    Something to consider about transit is that everyone should get out what they put in. Metro has shorted the Valley over 2 billion in Measure R funds. Think about that the next time the county ask the Valley (20% of the electorate) to pass another tax hike.

  • calwatch

    Of course you are talking to someone who did not support Measure J and thinks that taxes are high enough. But the Valley should get an extension of the Purple Line to Sherman Oaks and Van Nuys. Whittier and Ontario are not exurbs by any stretch of the imagination. The Valley is getting north south rapidways, two Metrolink lines (with double tracking), and High Speed Rail. The SGV can’t even get the Gold Line past Azusa.

  • Metro did not tell any lies. They did exactly what they were told to do, and forced to do, by amongst others Zev Yaroslavsky, Alan Robbins and a particularly hard-working bunch of mis-informed zealots who had apparently never seen a train crossing they didn’t like.