Today’s Headlines

  • L.A. Newspaper Group Calls for Halting CAHSR (Daily News)
  • Bass Introduces Local Hire Legislation, Consistent with America Fast Forward (The Source)
  • “Thousands” Getting Bogus FastTrack Tickets (NBC4)
  • Metro Responds: We’ve Forgiven 1,700 Tickets (The Source)
  • Compare and Contrast, DWP Sent Out 70,000 Incorrect Bills (LAT)
  • Conservative Talk Radio Really Excited About Getting Rid of Parking Meter Fees (KABC)
  • Zane, Move L.A., Like 2016 As Next Try for Transit Tax (LAT)
  • SaMo Gives Up on Getting Filming on Main Street and Broadway (Lookout)
  • Check Out the SO.CA.TA. After Thanksgiving Metrolink Tour (SOCATA Website)
  • A Meditation on the Debilitating Effects of “Car Brain” (NYT)
  • Man on Tracks Killed by Train in Hollywood (Daily News)

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What you see is what you get. See you Monday!

  • PC

    But…but…I thought FasTrak was working without a hitch, was the best thing since sliced gluten-free bread, and was only being criticized by crypto-proponents of the evil Kar Kulture. Isn’t that the Streetsblog LA party line? :)

  • While I whole-heartedly support congestion pricing, I’m not crazy enough to believe the peopel that brought us TAP are running a perfect system. Many of the criticisms are stupid, Tim Rutten and David Ono’s seemed to be cases where the ideology determines the research. This story doesn’t seem to be that, although some of Hymon’s defense makes sense as well.

  • Joe B

    PC, I think you’re confusing Metro’s party line with Streetsblog. Metro are the ones who insist that forcing thousands of carpoolers out of the carpool lanes is a step in the right direction.