Today’s Headlines

  • L.A. Newspaper Group Calls for Halting CAHSR (Daily News)
  • Bass Introduces Local Hire Legislation, Consistent with America Fast Forward (The Source)
  • “Thousands” Getting Bogus FastTrack Tickets (NBC4)
  • Metro Responds: We’ve Forgiven 1,700 Tickets (The Source)
  • Compare and Contrast, DWP Sent Out 70,000 Incorrect Bills (LAT)
  • Conservative Talk Radio Really Excited About Getting Rid of Parking Meter Fees (KABC)
  • Zane, Move L.A., Like 2016 As Next Try for Transit Tax (LAT)
  • SaMo Gives Up on Getting Filming on Main Street and Broadway (Lookout)
  • Check Out the SO.CA.TA. After Thanksgiving Metrolink Tour (SOCATA Website)
  • A Meditation on the Debilitating Effects of “Car Brain” (NYT)
  • Man on Tracks Killed by Train in Hollywood (Daily News)

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