Today’s Headlines

  • Guy That Killed City’s Red Light Camera Program Aims at Parking Meters (Daily News)
  • Terrible Columnist Tim Rutten Opposes Transit and Congestion Pricing (Daily News)
  • O.C. DUI Lab Rife with Errors, Inconsistencies (LAT)
  • Walters: L.A. Highway Trust Fund Needs Fix (SacBee)
  • Wait a Second, After Excitement They Only Re-Opened Half the Entrances to 405? (The Source)
  • Cars Saved Cities From Horse Manure? What a Bunch of… Well, You Know (Cyclelicious)
  • Race for Zev’s Seat Down to Two Heavyweights (Daily News)
  • The President Is Coming! Duck and Cover! (LAT)

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  • El Farto

    Jay beeber is back with a new sexy friend! This time he’s in a real pickle… I’d like to see where he and the NMA falls on peak hour parking? Cut through traffic or local quality of life?

  • El Pedo

    I wonder if these hunky parking meter mavens realize that businesses WANT shorter meter times because…. It generally keeps customers focused and moving? In 3 hours, 3 customers minimum can occupy a 1 hour meter space. Extend that time and reduce customer capacity…