Today’s Headlines

  • “The Times’ Editorial Page Is Pro-Bike”… (LAT)
  • …And We’re Going to Hangout with Cyclists at CicLAvia and the Bike Summit… (LAT)
  • …Maybe We Should Be More Like Streetsblog and Curbed (LAT)
  • Shammus Group CEO Claims He Doesn’t Want to Kill MyFig (Downtown News)
  • Small Jet Crashes at SMO, No Survivors of Fiery Wreck (LAT
  • Complete Coverage from Times: Fire Out, Investigation Coming, Crash Near Home
  • Majority of CA Voters Now Against High Speed Rail (ABC7, LAist)
  • Expo Phase II Is Halfway to Completion (The Source)
  • Gov. Signs Legislation Allowing Low/Zero Emission Vehicles to Use Carpool Lanes (LAT)
  • Oh No! Gate Latching at Some Light Rail Stations Isn’t Going Smoothly (ZevWeb via Curbed)
  • After Four Crashes With Highway Workers, Caltrans Urges Drivers to “Slow for the Cone” (Mercury)
  • San Pedro Incubator Plans on Building Hyperloop (SF Chronicle)
  • Some Guy in Long Beach Wrote a Dumb Column About Bicycles (LB Register)

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  • Erik Griswold

    On the Zev turnstile article, the claim is being made that the TVM (one TVM?) *sold* 22% more versus last year, but it fails to remind us that in August 2012 those machine were still selling single-ride paper tickets.
    No data has been alluded to saying fare *collection* is up.
    Today one is forced to buy a TAP card, so most people buying one put more than one fare’s worth of money on it. Effectively, the TVMs encourage the purchase of multi-ride tickets, and as we’ve seen, the TAP cards can expire before all those funds are used up, which often allows Metro to keep the remaining balance via apathetic default.
    Further, still sucks, and every other vendor who sells TAP cards still sells them for $2 vs. the $1 that the TVMs do it for. A 20% increase in sales is thus not surprising.

  • zomg

    “The Times Editorial Page is pro-bike” but they’re nevertheless inviting every troll with a car to say hateful things and incite violence against cyclists by letting them comment. Swell.