Today’s Headlines

  • Obama Taps Mayor of Charlotte to Replace Ray LaHood (Politico, LAT)
  • Los Angeles State Historic Park, aka The Cornfield, Could Close for Year for Major Expansion (Curbed)
  • Downtown News Plays It Even Covering the Spring Street Bike Lane “Controversy”
  • Casden Development Could Swamp Westside in Permanent Carmageddon (L.A. Weekly)
  • Heavy Hitters Are Coming to Today’s Public Meeting on SaMo Airport (Curbed)
  • Bill Would Allow Some Carpool Lanes to Be Used By All in Off-Peak Hours (SGV Tribune)
  • NELA a New Gentrification Capitol, Led by Cafe de Leche? (NPR)
  • San Francisco Television Station’s Absurd Anti-Bike Share Argument Is Openly Mocked (Streetsblog SF)
  • Super PAC’s Ruin All Meaningful Campaign Spending Limits (LAT)
  • Daily Carnage: Motorcyclist Rear Ends Two Bicyclists on Mulholland (YouTube)
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