Today’s Headlines

  • Obama Taps Mayor of Charlotte to Replace Ray LaHood (Politico, LAT)
  • Los Angeles State Historic Park, aka The Cornfield, Could Close for Year for Major Expansion (Curbed)
  • Downtown News Plays It Even Covering the Spring Street Bike Lane “Controversy”
  • Casden Development Could Swamp Westside in Permanent Carmageddon (L.A. Weekly)
  • Heavy Hitters Are Coming to Today’s Public Meeting on SaMo Airport (Curbed)
  • Bill Would Allow Some Carpool Lanes to Be Used By All in Off-Peak Hours (SGV Tribune)
  • NELA a New Gentrification Capitol, Led by Cafe de Leche? (NPR)
  • San Francisco Television Station’s Absurd Anti-Bike Share Argument Is Openly Mocked (Streetsblog SF)
  • Super PAC’s Ruin All Meaningful Campaign Spending Limits (LAT)
  • Daily Carnage: Motorcyclist Rear Ends Two Bicyclists on Mulholland (YouTube)
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  • Alex Thompson

    Well, it looks like Villaraigosa made a try for it… you were almost right, Damien.

  • Anonymous

    Casden West LA will be permanent Carmageddon… realigning the runways at LAX will be permanent Carmageddon… I think Carmageddon has jumped the shark.

  • Hey, there’s still three and a half years left :)

  • ubrayj02

    “People will be waiting in cars!” is brought out of the barn and marched around community hearings and public meetings like a godhead statuette during a holy festival. All must bow and throw coins at it, make way for it, pay a penance for it.

    I am pretty sure that the greatest cities on earth or not judged by how fast its citizens can drive through it.

    In fact, some of the worst places to live are the easiest places to drive through.

    Do I like Casden West? I don’t even know what it is. I am just sick of all this stupid moaning about automobile throughput. Streets are not the sole domain of cars and I’d rather that the city not to self-destruct in order to enable suburban living.