Today’s Headlines

  • Does L.A. need to build a $20 million pedestrian bridge to placate Universal?  (L.A. Daily News)
  • Then again, Streetsblog covered that story two months ago (LA Streetsblog)
  • Our long SoCal nightmare is over; gas prices drop a whopping 1/2 cent (L.A. Times, Daily News)
  • Your parking ticket refund may have been swallowed by the L.A. budget hole (Times)
  • Turns out bikes are good for the economy (Fast Company, via L.A. Transportation Headlines)
  • As reported here, pedicabs could be coming to Santa Monica (S.M. Daily Press, via Curbed)
  • Meet your SaMo city council candidates starting tonight (Santa Monica Spoke)
  • Find out what’s going on with the subway tonight (The Source)
  • El Segundo police know where a hot bike came from, but can’t find the owner (Daily Breeze)
  • The sky didn’t fall when a San Francisco street was closed (SF Streetsblog)
  • Cleveland’s regional planning agency promises to stop sucking, or at least suck less (Rustwire)
  • A Denver-area bike path is sabotaged when someone strings barbed wire across it (Denver Westward)
  • LAPD shows it’s best and worst faces to a DTLA cyclist (BikinginLA)

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