Today’s Headlines

  • Architecture Critic Rips “Aggressively Banal” Expo Design.  Ouch. (LAT)
  • Metrolink Proposes 5 to 9 Percent Fare Hike (The Source)
  • Most Speakers at Public Meeting Opposed to 710 Big Dig (Valley Sun)
  • Businesses Looking to Cash in on Expo (KPCC)
  • Long Beach Transit Grows, and Grows Intelligently (Metro Magazine)
  • Bad Sign.  First Magic Act Reducing Parking Cost at Dodger Stadium (LAT, USA Today, Yahoo)
  • At Least Our Lousy Reporters Don’t Drive Around Trying to Cause Crashes (Streetsblog SF)
  • Imagine How Safe Our Streets Would Be if the Council Reacted This Way Every Time Cars Killed People (LAT)
  • Imagine How Different the Regional Connector Debate Would Have Been If Broad Owned the (LAT)

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