Today’s Headlines

  • The Source Can’t Stop Writing About Expo Opening: One, Two, Three, Four Stories on Friday
  • But Are They More Excited Than Commenters at Curbed?
  • But the Paper of Record Just Seems Confused…Is It Bad, Is It Good, Is It a Boondoggle? (LAT)
  • Early 2012 Streetsie Award for Worst Headline: “Metro on Track to Destroy Beverly Hills High
  • Wilshire Boulevard, 2020 (LA Mag.)
  • USC Professor Says Senate Transpo. Bill Won’t Make a Difference (Neon Tommy)
  • Despite Bad Press, Republican Opposition, Legislature Ready to Green Light High Speed Rail (SacBee)
  • Does the “Giant Park and Ride in Victorville” Plan Make Sense for the Gamblin’ Train to Vegas? (NPR)
  • L.A. Syncing Traffic Signals (Daily News)
  • 1908 Residential Ordinance the Key to L.A.’s (LAT)
  • Atlantic Cities Explores the Future of Intelligent Parking Technology
  • G.M. Turns to MTV for Help in Keeping Young People Hooked on Cars (NYT)
  • Is Garcetti Tough Enough to Be Mayor? (LAT)

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