Today’s Headlines

Featured Event: Since the City of Santa Monica didn’t host a grand opening for their brand new bike corrals, SM Spoke is filling the void.  The Unofficial Grand Opening starts with a celabratory ride from Bike Center to the corral at 2439 Main Street.  Ride meets at 10:30, but if you want to join them at the ribbon cutting, meet on Main Street at 11.  For more information, visit the Spoke info update or Facebook event page.
  • LAPD Conducts Ped/Car Sting Near Deadly Crossings in the Valley (Daily News)
  • Metro Board Approves Purchase of 550 New Buses and Some Other Stuff (The Source)
  • Metro Brings Back Free Dodger Shuttle (Dodgers, CBS2)
  • Gas Prices Are High AND SOMEONE NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING </panic> (Daily News)
  • City’s Mural Policy Still Struggles with Advertising v Speech (Atlantic Cities)
  • The Way for Mixed-Use Development in L.A. Is Unclear (KCET)
  • Metro Releases Renderings of Westwood/VA Westside Subway Stop (The Source)
  • But Bev. Hills New Mayor, Vice-Mayor Are Zeroed in on Fighting Subway (Courier, Patch)
  • The Only Reason to Oppose Wal-Marts Is Union Politics (Jewish Journal)
  • ATTENTION DRUNKS: DUI Sting in Palmdale This Weekend (Daily News)
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  • Big Homey

    No coverage of the NFSR appeal trial taking place right now?

  • Damien Newton

    I couldn’t find any articles on it…As far as I can tell based on their filings they aren’t really presenting anything new, just trying to get someone to agree with their old argument.  We’ll certainly have coverage when a ruling is announced.

  • Dan W.

    I just don’t agree with that terminal at the V.A. Station.  At least if the terminal were at Barrington or Bundy, it would help relieve the horrible bottleneck that is going to happen as autos and buses all try and get to the Purple Line and the 405.

    I don’t see a proper bus terminal.  I don’t see a parking garage.

    I am so grateful to our veterans, but this station as designed seems to be a diasppointing use of precious transportation dollars. 

  • Dan W.

    From the Antonovich resolution which passed but was overlooked in the reporting:

    “10. An assessment of what would be necessary to provide seamless rail service
    between Ventura and Indio (within 30 days).”


    Those of us who want to see regular Metrolink/Amtrak passenger rail service between Palm Springs and Los Angeles are eagerly awaiting this report.