Friday Poll Day: Do You Support Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants

Do you support allowing undocumented immigrants to earn driver's licenses?

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Back in mid-December, Streetsblog published an editorial arguing that it makes more sense to allow undocumented immigrants to earn driver’s licenses so that a law requiring the police to impound cars driven by those without a license.  Our argument: if you aren’t allowed to get a license, there’s no way to know if you’re a safe driver or not based solely on whether or not you have a license.  Apparently this was a compelling enough argument that the Daily News and Los Angeles Times have both published similar editorials in the past two days.

Not all of you agree with us, but with the idea of changing the law to allow undocumented immigrants to get licenses again back in the public debate thanks to LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, it seemed like a good time to take the pulse of the Streetsblog community.  If you have more to share than a “yes” or “no,” feel free to leave more thoughts in the comments section.


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