Today’s Headlines

Featured Headline: Governor Jerry Brown vetoed A.B. 650, legislation by Valley Assemblyman Bob Blumenfield that would have created a Blue Ribbon Commission to study transit and T.O.D. opportunities around the state.  Blumenfield argued the legislation provided a chance for the state to think big on transit and the legislation was embraced by the League of Conservation voters.  Brown argued that the state has better ways to spend $750,000 then on something that Caltrans can do.  Read his veto message, here.
  • Downtown Stadium Plan Reveals Some of Their Transit/Parking Plans (LAT, Daily News)
  • More Love for Think Bike (Orange 20, LADOT Bike Blog)
  • But Not Letting the Caltrans Bike Guy Participate Is Kind of Weird, Right? (LA Weekly)
  • LA Port’s Clean Truck Program Cut Up by Judges Panel (LAT, LA Weekly)
  • LA Shortfall Now at $200 Million (Daily News)
  • Yup, Boyle Heights Is Really Getting a Green Bike Lane (LA_Now)
  • Metrolink Deals with Freight Derailment on Antelope Valley Line (Daily News)
  • More Tepid Support for the Main Street Bike Lanes/Road Diet (SM Spoke, Bikeside)
  • People Who Park on the Sidewalk Are Pissed About Getting Ticketed (LA Weekly)

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