Support Streetsblog Online Auction: Signed Give Me 3 Poster


Last Friday, the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition donated one the “Give Me 3” posters that appeared in information kiosks around the city last summer as part of a public service announcement campaign designed to remind drivers to give a wide enough birth to cyclists when passing.  The poster was signed by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (who only used one arm, the other still being in s sling following his bike crash) and Geoff McFetridge, who designed the poster.

It’s an amazing piece of Los Angeles’ bike history…and it didn’t get any bids because the auction sheet was knocked off the table and sat face down on the floor all night.  My bad.

Rather than wait until our next fundraiser, we thought we would try something different and auction the poster online.  It won’t be a silent auction, it will be a commenters auction.  You can either leave a bid in the comments section or email one to me at  The highest bid when I post “Today’s Headlines” on Monday will win.  The first bid is $10, by me.  Bids have to be at least $1 higher than the previous one.

Ok, have at it!  Remember, all proceeds will benefit Los Angeles Streetsblog.


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