A Truly Offensive Traffic Stop

Over the past several weeks, it seems YouTube videos of police behaving badly in Southern California are dominating our discourse.  The now famous “don’t touch my junk” video in San Diego has become a national sensation, and a national headache for the Transit Security Administration.

But over two nights last week, I twice saw local news reports on a YouTube Video taken by a German tourist pulled over by the California Highway Patrol in Barstow, CA on his way to Las Vegas.  The media are fascinated by the officer’s salty language and his lame put downs.  For example, he asks “Germnay Boy” why he’s driving in “my country.”  Later in the video, the CHP officer makes a couple of references to how the driver would be sexually abused were he to be sent to jail for reckless driving.


The CHP is now investigating the officer’s conduct.  And well they should.  In addition to his verbal abuse of the German tourist, he did something far more offensive.

The verbally abusive officer failed to give the driver a ticket.  The German tourist was driving 98 miles per hour at the time of the stop, 28 miles over the speed limit.

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    “The verbally abusive officer failed to give the driver a ticket. The German tourist was driving 98 miles per hour at the time of the stop, 28 miles over the speed limit.”

    Id wager that the 85th percentile is probably around 85mph, so it isnt that much faster.

    Going 40 in a 30 is much more dangerous.

  • Miguel Ojeda

    People like this make me feel embarrassed to be an Amarican.
    This is one of the reasons why people in other countries cant stand us and laugh at us.

    Its like that one guy that thinks he’s super hot & thinks he can “kick anyone’s ass” when in reality he’s butt ugly & his “buff” arms are 85% hard pig fat. I love my country but seriously these people need to stop because this impacts tourism which brings much needed money into our states..

    Sorry you had to go through that man. :( If it makes u feel better driving through Mobile Alabama on a X-country road trip a years ago I was put on the floor & handcuffed first because he thought I was an illegal alien (I was born in Northdridge, Ca), then because he thought I had drugs (searched my car and found nothing). I wasn’t even being rude or talking back. This country’s sad. really, it is.

  • Dan

    What’s the problem here? Guy gets pulled over going 25mph over the speed limit, endangering everyone. Cop gives him an earful like he should. All this “embarrassed to be an American” talk is a joke. People expect to be treated like kings when they break the law.

  • Meh, 98mph on I-15 is really not that fast.

  • Will Campbell

    If Dan would be so kind as to enlighten us where it’s the officer’s obligation and responsibility to demean the driver with that “earful like he should” — especially toward one who’s being compliant. I’m not excusing the motorist for speeding, I’m just not quite as eager as Dan to forgive the officer for being so unprofessional.

  • bobby

    The officer did right the idiot admited knowing the speed limit was 70 and was still doing 98 germany boy could of killed a family :/