Today’s Headlines

6_13_10_box.jpgValet bike parking at the Culver City BMP meeting. Photo: Stephen Box/Facebook
  • LAT: Now Is Not the Time to Drill, Baby, Drill
  • Deepwater Horizon Makes Exxon Valdez Look Like a Puddle (NYT)
  • Obama Pledges to Push for New Energy Law Amidst Gulf Disaster (Politico)
  • But the Climate Bill in Congress Won’t Wean Us Off Oil (Takeaway)
  • Father of Girl Killed During LAPD Car Chase Doesn’t Blame the Cops (LAT)
  • Another Dad in Big Rig Runs Down Two Sons (LA_Now)
  • Whoops!  Driver "Accidentally" Kills Pedestrian with Car in Cahuenga Pass (LA_Now)
  • "Mad Men" Star Leaves Scene of Crash.  Media Focuses on Her Car and Sex Life (USA Today, LAT)
  • For Critical Mass, It’s Time to HTFU (KPCC)
  • Gov. Stumps for High Speed Rail (LAT via ENR)
  • Will T.O.D. Save L.A.’s Real Estate Market? (California Planning Report)
  • First Review of the Big Parade (LAist)