Today’s Headlines

5_26_10_latino.jpgA lot of people thought these signs were "anti-immigrant," but like the Salon writer that pointed me towards them, I think they’re "pro."  Photo: NBC Miami
  • On Monday, the Blogs Covered "30 Seconds of Awesome" (LA Streetsblog, LAist, Curbed)
  • On Tuesday, It Was the Times and KTLA…What’s on Tap for today?
  • Budget Crisis: Gov. Wants Cuts, Dems. Want Taxes (LAT)
  • BRU Hands Out Groceries to Mayor, Supes, to Demonstrate Cost of Fare Hikes (Daily News)
  • Staples Poor Bike Parking a Major Reason for Disappointing Attendence at Weekend Fight (15 Rounds)
  • It’s Time for Last Week’s Bike Week Sponsors to Setup Up the Other 51 Weeks (SoapBox)
  • Local Cyclists Give "Tuscon Velo" a Tour of the City
  • Metro Wins Grant for Electric Car Charging Stations (The Source, Progressive Railroading)
  • No More Deepwater Drilling? Not While We’re Hooked on Oil (Good)
  • Atlantic: L.A.’s Not That Bad…