Here’s the Top Ten Slogans for the “Bike Awareness” Poster Contest. What’s Your Favorite?


Over 500 slogans have been submitted to the Bike Safety Slogan
Contest being organized by the un-likely (some would say un-holy)
coalition of the LAPD, the LACBC,, and the LADOT.
These groups have been working with the City of Los Angeles to procure
ad spaces in bus shelters and Public Amenity Kiosks (PAK.) The goal
being to raise awareness among road users about issues such as rights,
rules, safety, and road courtesy in relation to bicycles. The final
slogan will be designed and illustrated by the world renowned artist Geoff McFetridge.

top ten list of slogans has been procured from the entries and now the
coalition is looking for more input from the public before the final
slogan is chosen for production.

You are invited to comment, pick apart, improve upon and otherwise
discuss the slogan. The goal is to get a broad consensus and an
effective campaign. You may comment here, on Facebook or on

Drum roll…. the slogans please:

  1. Share the lane. We’re in it together.
  2. Don’t be pass aggressive
  3. Caution: Your Neighbor Ahead
  4. Our lives are in your hands. Pass at a safe distance.
  5. 2 wheels 4 wheels 1 road 4 everyone
  6. ¡WE EXIST!
  8. Look twice. Drive nice.
  9. Big Or Small / The Road’s For All
  10. These lanes belong to both you and me!

  • This lane is your lane, this lane is my lane.

  • “Give Me Three” needs artwork for better clarity. See –

    3 Feet 2 Pass

  • BlogReader

    Share the lane. We’re in it together.

  • Slow down and wear your helmet in the car!

  • Hank

    “honk if you want a u-lock to the head”

  • Travis

    Number 9!

  • Gina

    I like “PASS WITH CAUTION” under a bike icon. It’s simple and to-the-point.

    Honestly if did not cycle and I drove by one of those esoteric sayings I would not know what the heck they were talking about.

  • Todd

    I kinda like “Caution: Your Neighbor Ahead.” But it doesn’t work if the person in the cage hates their neighbor.

    “GIVE ME THREE” probably won’t make sense to most.

    I suggest something more direct, like “Don’t drive. Thanks.”

  • Sparkypinball

    Share the Lane…we’re in it together

  • TJ

    “You don’t own the f*cking road!”

  • teque5

    1. Share the lane. We’re in it together.
    This is the slogan that DOT would have come up with – fine but it’s unexciting.

    2. Don’t be pass aggressive
    WINNER: This is the most clever on the list, and would be something a motorist might actually remember the next day or the next week, especially accompanied by a clever logo or something.

    3. Caution: Your Neighbor Ahead
    Mediocre. This is some throwback to traditional Cristian values or something. Why is my neighbor more important than anyone else?

    4. Our lives are in your hands. Pass at a safe distance.
    This is too Long

    5. 2 wheels 4 wheels 1 road 4 everyone
    Too Many Numbers

    6. ¡WE EXIST!
    3 Strikes: ALL CAPS, vague, and the ridiculous question mark.

    I didn’t even know what this was before reading the description.

    8. Look twice. Drive nice.
    9. Big Or Small / The Road’s For All
    Both 8 & 9 are my second choices, as they are short, succinct, and also are clever enough for a small sign or something.

    10. These lanes belong to both you and me!
    This is bad b/c it reinforces the stereotype that all cyclists think they own the roads.

  • stella n

    “GIVE ME THREE” with a 3ft to pass graphic below.

  • “Give me three” could refer to all sorts of lewd gestures.




    This slogan is a reminder to bicyclists, from bicyclists, that light or white clothing on a cyclist’s upper body is a good idea to avoid being invisible to much-faster-moving car drivers at night and in poor light. Many nighttime bicyclists, wearing dark clothes on bikes that are not equipped with lights or reflectors, are friggin’ invisible during the dark hours!

    This slogan is literally about “bike awareness”!

  • akhilaussie

    Speed thrills but kills

  • Michael Brunce

    “Think Globally, Bike Locally!” Am a great lover of bikes. I keep purchasing bikes frequently. I recently got one from
    Check it out guys, They are supercool!


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