Today’s Headlines

  • L.A. Prepares Plan to Lay Off Police, Firefighters (Times)
  • Gold Line Extenstion to Azusa Ready for a June Groundbreaking (Pasadena Star News)
  • Council Woman Perry: Lack of Progress on Angel’s Flight "Pathetic" (Downtown News)
  • How Much Do the Feds Spend on Transit? See For Yourself (NYT)
  • Not All CAHSR Advocates Happy with Federal Decision (CAHSR Blog)
  • Nationally, There’s a Boom in Car-Sharing (Treehugger)
  • Civil Rights Coalition Launches Bilingual Census Ads in Buses (Chronicle)
  • Where Are L.A.’s Bus Shelters? (City Watch)
  • Locally, Demand Is "Bursting at the Seems" (NBC4)
  • Melbourne’s Swanston Street Goes Car-Free (Herald Sun)

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  • It is beyond surreal that Councilwomen Perry continues her pathetic grandstanding about the delay in the opening of Angel’s Flight. Most of the hold up is due to the PUC continuing to move the goalposts as to what needs to be done before they will deem it safe. Yet Perry when she writes the agency has the stones to complain instead about the volunteers working their butt off to reopen the thing? Perry by the way has done nothing to aid tye fundraising for the repair of Angel’s Flight. Nada. Zip. Not even a letter of endorsement. And why continue talking of having Metro take it over when the agency has been clear that have no desire to do so. I’d love to have Perry come to a Metro Board meeting to urge the idea and get hit by the usual parochial caterwauling that it would meet.

    The politics of bus shelters in the city of L.A. are beyond byzantine. Matthew Hatz has my condolences.

    Metro staff a few years ago outlined some of the shelter issues for the San Fernando Valley. Sadly I think most of the obstacles it mentions persist.