Today’s Headlines

  • Television Station Stunned That Syncing Traffic Signals Didn’t "Solve" Congestion (KNBC)
  • Congestion Is Good for the Environment (Wall Street Journal)
  • Despite Budget Disaster, No Cuts for LAPD (Times)
  • Is New Drunk Driving Bill Actually a Gift to Deadly Drivers? (Daily News)
  • Gold Line Extension Land Grab Is On (Curbed)
  • Burbank Getting Another Bike Trail (Burbank Leader)
  • 5 Things Politicians Can Do for Transportation in L.A. (City Watch)
  • Beware of the NFL (LAist)
  • Sydney Newspaper Rides the Beach Path from Malibu to Torrance (Sydney Morning Herald)

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  • Rich Wilson

    Um, “Gov. Signs Bill to Increase Penalties on Drunk Drivers”… The actual article says “Both laws involve the installation of ignition interlock devices”

    I don’t see anything about penalties. In fact, one of the bills, SB 598 is hardly a crackdown. It gives repeat offenders the chance for a restricted license if they agree to install interlock devices on their vehicles. No matter what the restriction, a restricted license is hardly a ‘crackdown’ vs. no license.

  • Rich Wilson

    SB 598 actually lets repeat DUI offenders get their license back significantly sooner if the install an interlock. 90 days as opposed to 12 months for a 2nd time offender.

    Hardly a ‘crackdown’ IMO.

  • You are correct. I have updated the headline appropriately.