Today’s Headlines

  • State Selling Gov. Autographed Cars to Raise Money (Times)
  • Supe Antonovich Makes Case for Desert Xpress High Speed Train to Vegas (Daily News)
  • CA Applies for $1.1 Billion of HSR Funds (CAHSR)
  • SUV Driver Won’t Hang Up Phone or Slow Down Before Turning.  Kills One, Maims Three Others (CaymanMama)
  • Santa Monice Pier Turns 100 (Times)
  • SF Pushing Rail to Move Port’s Freight (SF Examiner)
  • A Bloody, Violent (i.e. European) Ad About Texting While Driving (Bus Bench)
  • Software Firms Tap the Market for Curbing Txting-While-Driving (WSJ)
  • Seattle DOT Looking to Expand On-Street Bike Parking (Car Free Days via