A Quick Note on the LA Streetsblog Twitter Feed

As many of you suggested last month, we’ve created a view of the Los Angeles Streetsblog twitter feed.  This way when I’m "live tweeting" an event, you don’t have to open a separate page.

But I’d like the twitter feed to be about more than just promoting Streetsblog and providing an easy way to do live updates about "what Damien is doing and witnessing."  I’d like it to be a place for our community to send information back and forth to each other, so if you write or see a good story somewhere on the Internet, send it to me and I’ll forward it along via the twitter feed.  Hopefully we’ll be able to use the feed to provide even more news and opinion to Streetsblog readers and beyond.

You can email me anytime at damien@streetsblog.org.

  • Thanks, Damien. I, for one, appreciate the “live tweeting” from events that I can’t make in person (although as Dr. T pointed out–the tweets from a mtg a few weeks back was a bit on the heavy side). I find a lot of cycling-related news put up across Twitter to be relevant and timely–so getting wider dissemination across multiple channels to as wide an audience as possible (i.e., on Twitter itself, the feed on Streetsblog, etc.) is a good thing.

    FYI–Here’s an event that could use some support from local cyclists, albeit on late notice: tonight (Tuesday) at 7:00 the Mid City West Community Council will be hearing/discussing their formal comments to the draft LA Bike Plan. The more cyclists that show up and offer up support, the more robust the comments can be. (They will also be discussing their plans for Park(ing) Day LA if anyone wants to participate in that, too.) You can find their calendar/location here: http://www.midcitywest.org/

  • I still want all blog updates to be put on the twitter, as it’s much easier to check that than streetsblog, and should encourage discussion with the increased per-article instead of per-when-we-remember-to-check-streetsblog discussion. I don’t get people who complain about live event volume, either, it’s really easy to control that sort of thing if you want to, although a second “live event” account may be in order if it’s bothering people THAT much.


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