How Do You Want Me to Use Twitter?

At noon today, LA Streetsblog will provide live coverage of Metro’s "Bikes on Trains" meeting via our twitter account at  This raises the obvious question, is there any value in using twitter to get news out faster than I can on Streetsblog at meetings such as this?  Is this the best way to use twitter?

Let me know what you think in the comments section.  If you like the live meeting coverage, want me to move the "LAist Model" where I just tweet every headline I write, or if there’s another strategy I’m missing let me know.

  • skim

    I think similar to LAist, BlogDowntown, and even LA Times City Desk, LA Streetsblog should tweet important headlines and real-time info when attending meetings and events live.

    Twitter, IMO, has become an information highway and Twitter clients have become RSS readers.

    I actually don’t see enough tweets from you guys. It’s also easier to forward info by retweeting it.

  • David Galvan

    I personally haven’t invested the time/interest to really take advantage of using twitter. But since I only check news websites once or twice a day anyway, I suppose a tweet from a meeting would be an easy way for me to get a reminder that an interesting story is happening, as it comes to my phone.

    Sure hope the rumored 2-bike per train rule doesn’t apply to folding bikes. MTA should be encouraging people to get folding bikes, as they take up less space.

  • I enjoy tweets coverage, when it’s done well. Which I’m sure you’ll do.

    Following the Metro Board meetings via Twitter is sometime easier than following along by phone, as opinionated and condensed tweets sometimes provide better context than me trying to follow along while I’m doing something else at work.

    And tweeting the headlines is great, too. I can’t follow LAist that way, because they post far more than you do. But I think it’d be a good service from you.

  • Stats Dude

    Lets say you are at a meeting, and something important to bicyclists is on the agenda, but there are no bicyclists there. A timely tweet could draw up some presence in time for that agenda item.

  • What would be nice, since Twitter tweets tend to sort of disappear once the event is over, is to have a twitter feed on this blog for the event you’re live blogging.

    #MTAmtg would throw up a feed within a post – that would be slick. That way we wouldn’t have to leave Streetsblog to get updated.

  • Dave

    Yeah, however you do it, I’d like to see all info end up on the blog eventually. I hate having to follow two streams from one person/site to get everything they’re writing.

  • Erik G.

    Twiiiter is great for liveblogging meetings, letting us know of new blog entrys, letting us know of breaking LA non-internal-cumbustion-SOV transportation news, reporting tank sightings in Tehran, etc.

    I really only follow Twitter posts when breaking news is happening. My first experience with Twitter was during the San Diego fires. Obviously it was fascinating to follow after the Iranian “elections”.

    I think it is best as a one-way medium and I would not want you to get caught up in answering questions that could just as well be posts on this ‘blog or private emails to you.

    Perhaps you would be able to answer specific questions during a board meeting, but it would probably be a real distraction.

    Whatever you do, remember that the web and smartphone tech will change soon and I suspect you’ll be writing this blog from anyplace on earth you choose in the near future.


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