Today’s Headlines

  • Times Celebrates Cash for Clunkers
  • "Cash for Clunkers" Renewal Nearly Assured Despite USDOT Data Lockdown (Streetsblog Cap Hill)
  • LaHood Announces Distracted Driving Summit (NYT)
  • Driving While Not Distracted Is Dangerous Too (STL Urban Workshop via
  • Five Bodies Pulled from Wreckage from SUV Crash on I-5 (Times)
  • Now Santa Monicans Worried about Expo Yard’s Impact on College (SMDP)
  • Metro Buses Still Not Completely Safe for Wheelchair Passengers (ABC7)
  • Everybody Loves Park(ing) Day (Metblogs
  • Don’t Forget Your Bike Helmuts, Kids (ABC7)
  • NFL Still Going Nuts About Michael Vick, But Hit-and-Run Running Back Gets Three Game Slap on Wrist (AP)

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  • Prediction:

    By this time next year, no one will be blanketly saying “Santa Monica wants Expo at-grade.”

    A sleeping giant will be awakened.

  • Uh, there is absolutely nothing in that Santa Monica Daily Press article about grade separation.

    Santa Monica College is worried about losing a parking lot. The Daily Press is a free rag that contains anti-transit, anti-pedestrian columnists like Bill Bauer who are wholly concerned with their automobile entitlement.

    There is no “sleeping giant” here. There is a sleeping “midget” perhaps which will make a lot of noise, but just as they couldn’t pass Measure T last November in the name of reducing traffic, they are not going to stop Expo.

  • ubrayj02

    It’s always nice to hear Expo line supporters amuse themselves with the abuse of state power to further their whims. I def. like the idea of the Expo line, but if the Blue Line and the Gold Line extension are any evidence, the Expo Line is going to be pretty unsafe – I’d be surprised if the residents of Santa Monica didn’t get worked up about it.

  • Spokker

    The Gold Line extension hasn’t even opened yet and you have declared it unsafe?

    I find it funny how at-grade light rail is unsafe, yet all these cyclists are so adamant about asserting their rights to ride in the street with these heavy automobiles driving around at 50 MPH on city streets.

  • So, Mr. Goodmon you said the PUC ruling meant everything was back on the table for the grade crossings near Dorsey.

    At a hearing on the envionmental clearance for Expo Phase II you declared in 45 days a lawsuit would be filed.

    A press conference you held that got more press coverage than warrented “demanded” a Congresional hearing about the safety of the Blue Line.

    Now you predict an impending groundswell against the Expo Line running at grade into Santa Monica?

    There may be the usual naysayers, johnny come lately types who throw a fit, etc. that come out of the woodwork. But so far I’d say all signs are you look to be throwing another gutter ball. Which will make you 0 for 4.

    Whoever is paying the frieght may about now be wondering if you are a worthwhile investment.

  • David Galvan

    *grabs popcorn and lawnchair; puts on 3D glasses*

  • I must admit, I do get quite amused by the confidence of particular individuals who are frequently two steps behind yet remain so confident in themselves.

  • Mr Goodmon, I’m amused you are in danger of being 0 for 4 so visibly and can muster nothing more than empty cryptic comments. I’m not sure who at this point you think you are fooling–maybe yourself?

  • David Galvan

    Sure is a lot of “amusement” going on in here.

    *munch munch*