National Headlines

  • HSR Draws 278 "Pre-Applications" from 40 States (Fast Lane)
  • We Need to Stop Rewarding Gas Guzzling States With Extra Transpo Funds (TNR)
  • U.S. House Won’t Let Car Companies Trim Bloated, Wasteful Dealerships (NYT)
  • Transportation Reform is Health Reform (Streetsblog NYC)
  • Grist Lists 15 Most Sustainable U.S. Cities.  Says LA is 13th ?!?!
  • Can’t We Create Meaningful City Lists? (
  • You Call This Green Building? Setting Aside Parking for Hybrids Counts Toward LEED (Green Inc)
  • Five Down, Five to Go: Plan Linking Transit to Climate Bill Wins Sponsors (Streetsblog NYC)
  • If You Need to Be Told Not to Eat Soup and Drive, Maybe You Shouldn’t Be Licensed (News, Autopia)
  • GGW Is Rallying the Troops Against a $4B Freeway Boondoggle Outside DC (via
  • Parking Myopia Keeps St. Louis Un-Walkable (STL Dotage via
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  • David Galvan

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