Cartoon Tuesday: Beware of the Ouchies

After reading about a new Pew Poll that found 88 percent of Americans believe they can’t live without a car, I couldn’t help thinking of this cartoon from John Akre — who also gave us Cars for Hats. Car dependence has never looked so terrifying.


Cartoon Tuesday: Walking Ewww

I know this commercial is for "last year’s" L.A. County Fair, but they’re using the same one this year and there’s no expiration date on Cartoon Tuesday pieces. In what I’m choosing to view as an indictment of car-culture, our three heroines have a little bit of trouble at the fair’s bumper cars.  The whole […]

Cartoon Tuesday/Ad Nauseum: Brought to You by Acura

Did The Media Treat Bachmann Unfairly Because She’s An Insane Woman? For years, Streetsblog has chronicled some of the most ridiculous car advertisements that appear in print or television. We’ve also tried to occasionally lighten the mood with the “Cartoon Tuesday” series. Leave it to The Onion News Network to give us a chance to […]

Road Rage, Disney Style

The tale is one that is familiar to us all. A model citizen is kind to friends, family and neighbors alike. He stops and smells the flowers. He walks around an ant. Then he gets behind the wheel of a car. Road rage. Entitlement. Delusions of road ownership. Selfishness. Our everyman experiences all of these […]

Today’s Headlines

Calling Out Councilmember Koretz on the Westwood Bike Lanes (UCLA Bike Academy) CA HSR Authority Proposes Building Burbank-Palmdate Segment Sooner (LAT) City Planning and its Contradictory Goals (Let’s Go L.A.) Carnage: Big Rig vs. Sedan, Two Dead in Lancaster (LAT) SF’s 900 Proposed On-Street Parking Spaces for Car-Share (SBSF) NY City Council Concern For “Real […]