Today’s Headlines

  • CPUC Decision Probably Pushes Expo Phase I Opening to 2011 (Times)
  • Phase II of Expo Off Track in Santa Monica? (SM Daily Press)
  • Q and A with LA’s Urban Design Studio (Architect News via Planetizen)
  • Midwest, Vegas Gearing Up for HSR Stimulus Funds (AP)
  • La Hood Predicts More Federal Dollars for HSR from Feds in Coming Years (National Journal)
  • Clean Ports Initiative Starting to Pay Off (Times)
  • City Council Candidate David Vahedi Talks Bikes (BikingInLA)
  • West LA Banking on Measure R (Real Estate News)
  • I wouldn’t pay too much attention to that Expo commentary in the Santa Monica Daily Press. That same author previously wrote a Daily Press Op-Ed criticizing bus-only lanes and pedestrian improvements that he felt made his life more inconvenient as a single-occupancy motorist.

  • oooh! Can you provide a link to that editorial? should be an interesting read!

  • Tactic #1: Dismiss critic as a highway/car lover or bus-only advocate.

  • But if the guy is a car lover, he should be egged right? I mean, not that I’m advocating that, but I do have access to cheap and abundant eggs.

    Link to op-ed please!

  • “Tactic #1: Dismiss critic as a highway/car lover or bus-only advocate.”


    I take it you have not read his previous op-eds.

  • “I take it you have not read his previous op-eds.”

    Actually, after I ran into him at the Santa Monica meeting last week I googled him and read several of his op-eds, including those Newton referenced above.

    Maybe it’s just me being smart enough to figure things out on my own, I don’t dismiss a person because I may not agree with their conclusion and I don’t give people a pass because I do agree with their conclusion.

    There are a lot of premises that lead to his conclusion in the op-ed this week. Why not debate those and in the process improve awareness of this issue?

    It’s so funny that you missed that the bulk of my criticism of your post was the “Dismiss” and instead focused on “highway/car lover or bus-only advocate.”