This Friday is Park(ing) Day

Photo from Last Year’s Parking Day by Matthew Loranger  via the Trust for Public Land

Back in 2002, Park(ing) Day was founded in San Francisco by a group called Rebar.   Just as Critical Mass worked its way down the coast, Park(ing) Day has come to Los Angeles as well.  Basically, on Park(ing) Day, activists, architechts and other interested parties set up a small "public park" in a metered parking space, temporarily reclaiming the space for public use instead of private vehicle storage.  For a map with all of the sits, click here.

I’ll be visiting as many of the sites as I can on Friday, but if you are going to either sponsoring or visiting a spot and want to take some pictures that would be great.  Just drop me an email at

So, what does Park(ing) Day LA’s organizers think they’re going to accomplish with this event?  According to organizer Stephen Box, "The great thing is that throughout the day you end up talking about parks, parking, and urban design.  In this city, just talking about these things is a victory."

To that end, tomorrow night the Center Scene Public Program will sponsor a forum about the impacts of a planning policy that places a premium on creating inexpensive public parking in a country where two-thirds of our children don’t live within walking distance of a public park.


Park(ing) Day L.A. Wrap and A Peek Into the Future of Parking In L.A.

Worldwide, last Friday’s Park(ing) Day saw street creativity on six continents. Park(ing) Day L.A. hosted a number of creative efforts that help Angelenos reconsider just what we’re doing with all that street real estate. Below is a quick run-down of some Southern California Park(ing) Day sites I enjoyed (apologies to the other great Park(ing) sites […]

Park(ing) Day Recap

Photo from Ubrayj 02’s Park in Front of the Flying Pigeon Bike Shop Well, Park(ing) Day has come and gone and for at least another year, the urban jungle known as Los Angeles will be a little less green than it was for one glorious day last Friday.  However, Park(ing) Day isn’t just about temporarily […]

Celebrate Park(ing) Day at the Park or at Your Desk

While it may be missing much of the fanfare of previous years in Los Angeles, Park(ing) Day is still one of the happiest days on the Livable Streets Calendar. Across the world, people will gather in car parking spaces, feed the meter and turn publicly subsidized personal property storage into a public mini-park. In Santa […]

Park(ing) Day Organizer Arrested in Miami

Park(ing) Day is supposed to be a creative demonstration of how public space, properly utilized, can bring communities closer. How the vast amount of urban space dedicated to parking vehicles erodes urban environments and limits opportunities for interaction. But that message was lost on police in Miami, Florida last week. After a successful and fun-filled […]