Pasadena Bike-In Move: The Power of Community

We’ll go for a leisurely bike ride and end at back at the Old Town Pub to watch
"The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil" (1 hour) – and then hang out in the courtyard.

If you can’t make it on time for the bike ride, join us at the pub at 8:30 PM for the movie.

Old Town Pub is hidden away in the middle of the block between Holly
St, Raymond Ave, Union St and Fair Oaks Avenue. There are walkways
leading to the pub from Holly (half way between Raymond and Fair Oaks)
and from Fair Oaks (just north of McMurphy’s Pub).

7:00 Meet in the Old Town Pub Courtyard
7:20 Go for a ride, route TBD but not too difficult or fast
8:30 As soon as it’s dark enough watch "Power of Community"
9:30 Hang at the pub

Please bring a working bike
can be any kind of bike, make sure the tires hold air. If you’re unsure
of the condition, have it check at your local bike shop or take it down
to the Bike Oven (

For more information about this film visit…


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