New Group Calls for Greenway Along Proposed Expo Line

A rendering of the Proposed Greenway

Do you have trouble keeping all of the organizations that are lobbying around the Expo Line straight from one another? After all, there’s Fix Expo, Build Expo, Friends 4 Expo, Light Rail for Cheviot, and Neighbors for Smart Transit…and these are just the groups I can think of off the top of my head. Well, now there’s a new group, CREATE Expo Greenway which is advocating for more green space along The Exposition Right of Way (ROW) between Motor Avenue and Sepulveda Boulevard.

On its "transportation" page the group explains how the vision of a Greenway meshes with the vision for light rail.

The broad and natural Exposition Right of Way (ROW) south and west of Cheviot Hills provides a unique opportunity to put this public land to several simultaneous, beneficial uses consistent with Metro’s Planning Principles while connection communities.

This section of the ROW between the Rosa Parks (formerly Santa Monica) Freeway and Sepulveda Boulevard is uniquely wide – up to 200 feet wide. (Light Rail trains only use about 30 feet of that space.) Most of the ROW in this area has not been sold off, narrowed or encroached upon by Exposition Boulevard – unlike sections further east. The City of Los Angeles has retained much of this land (or easements on it), so there is ample room for multiple uses.

You don’t need me to tell you that the battle over the future of the Expo Light Rail Line through the Westside has been pitched. It will be interesting to see how this new group effects the dynamic.

Image: Create Expo Greenway

  • And you don’t need ME to tell you how hard it is to fund recreation projects in already-owned public rights-of-way.

    Good luck, CREATE Expo. Good luck.

  • Alan Fishel

    This is a win-win for everyone. The much needed Expo Line gets built, the open area between Overland and Sepulveda becomes a great park, and the neighborhood gets the advantages of each.

    With this design it appears that Overland Ave can now be grade separated and the storm drain under Overland can now be brought into the open for an actual running stream through the suburban neighborhood in a beautiful park environment.

    The station and parking can be west of Sepulveda to keep this residential neighborhood green and attractive.

  • If those uppity Idiot Hills NIMBYS still hate this plan, then they should move out to mothafreaking Idaho where they won’t have to deal with the colored people they so fear coming into their neighborhoods, because the Militant would gladly relocate his compound to Cheviot Hills if this all comes together.

  • Having spent the last few weeks in Minneapolis, where greenways are plentiful and built into LRT plans, I can only hope that my hometown could try something similar. I’m sure maintenance is not cheap, but I’ve got to think that there’s a long-run payoff in there somewhere. Right?


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