LA City Channel 36 Takes Bike Safety to the Silver Screen

From the people that compared bike riders to insects comes a new film PSA with a simple message, "If you break any traffic rules while on a bike, you deserve to be horribly crippled or maybe even paralyzed."

Channel 36 has put together a series of new public service announcements designed to spread the message of bike safety.  The above film will be played on Channel 36 and in art-house and second run movie theatres before feature presentations.

"It’s part of our new ‘be safe or be roadkill’ campaign," explains Channel 36 spokersperson April Feuel, "We wanted a way to reach hipsters who ride around on bikes wearing funny clothes and making noise on the weekends.  We couldn’t figure out where in the world to find those kind of people, but if there’s one thing we know about hipsters it’s that they love old movies."

While Streetsblog was unable to get copies of any of the other movies, Feuel did reveal their titles: "Cars Are Powered by Rainbows and Good Intentions," "Why Don’t You Get a Car, You Filthy Hippy?" and "The Best Way to Avoid Being Hit by a Car While Walking is to Drive."

  • i’m gonna call this one right now… this better be an april fools joke or i’m going to raise hell.

  • anonymous

    I think the spokesperson “April Feuel” gave it away.

    The movie is “one got fat” (1963) and is narrated by the “fractured fairy tales” narrator from the Bullwinkle cartoons.

    Disturbing video. Very disturbing.

  • Damien Newton

    I was hoping someone would get the Calvin and Hobbes reference of “Be Safe of Be Roadkill.”

    The other idea I had was “Metro Installs Turnstiles on Buses” but I couldn’t get the art to work. Maybe next year.

    For some other April Foolery, go to the Metro Rider clip in Today’s Headlines or this article over at GRIST:
    Once More for Gore?

    Gore will run for president as independent, sources tell Grist

    You might want to sit down for this: Al Gore will announce his candidacy for president this week, knowledgeable sources tell Grist. Now there’s an inconvenient truth for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Gore believes the two Democrats and Republican John McCain aren’t giving climate change the urgent attention it deserves, so he’s decided to go for the job himself, say Gore advisors who requested anonymity as they aren’t authorized to speak to the press. A lifelong Democrat, Gore will run as an independent this time around, aiming to show the American people that climate change is not a partisan issue. He is expected to tap New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, also an independent, as his running mate. On Monday of this week, Gore’s nonpartisan Alliance for Climate Protection launched a new public education campaign aimed at convincing Americans that climate change is both urgent and solvable. We’re guessing that will be the thrust of Gore’s presidential campaign as well.

  • My roommate showed me this video a few weeks back. Very disturbing. Even though it’s clear that this posting is an April Fools prank, I’m still unsure about the video. Is it for reals and made to look like an old PSA film or is it really an old film. Either way it’s really really weird.


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