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  • Radical Transportation Engineer

    As I sat in traffic on Wilshire yesterday on my way to the doctor, two things occurred to me and my passenger. 1. Why the heck isn’t there a bus only lane on Wilshire, with all these buses? With the traffic on Wilshire that the buses have to sit in, they end up getting bunched up together, leading to Metro’s patented, “3 buses in a row and none again for an hour” style. A bus only lane makes sense hear, would add to efficiency of bus performance by reducing running times. Car congestion would increase a bit by taking away that lane but this would encourage the use of the buses on Wilshire. Plus, there is so much weaving in and out of the bus lane when they make their stops, I’m not sure it would be that much worse for congestion. Of’course a bus only lane on Wilshire would only work with enforcement. There would have to be a better system than with the HOV’s which are almost never enforced. Ideally there would be a curbed divider, like those used in Stockholm and other cities in Europe but I’m not sure that Wilshire could accommodate that. AND 2. (and this one was my passenger’s observation but very astute) why is the bus lane (right lane) narrower than the other two?!?! I didn’t measure but it looks as though the bus lane is a 10ft lane, while the middle is 11ft and the left is 11.5t or more.

    I am glad to see that there is a group urging this change and that it seems to be on the mayor’s radar. It certainly make more sense from a transportation planning standpoint than that Olympic/Pico plan.