The “Other” June 16 Crash Near Culver City, Pedestrian Slain, Cops Looking for Driver

The full poster from the LAPD can be viewed ## clicking here.##

At nearly 3:00 A.M. on the morning of June 16, a man was crossing Venice Boulevard heading North when he was struck by a black late-model Volkswagon Jetta heading west. The victims wife tells the story:

The accident occurred around 3am on June 16th. My husband was crossing the street (heading North) at Venice and Hughes. He had the signal to walk and once he was just past the median, he was struck by a car that ran a red light while headed West on Venice blvd. Two officers where in the area and after the accident, one of the officers took off after the car but lost him around Venice and Motor. The driver has still not been found.

Despite the media’s obsession with reporting on traffic crashes and other forms of homicide, this report has gone largely un-mentioned in the news, perhaps because of the spectacular crash involving Christine Dahab and the Koreatown Cyclists just a mile and a quarter away that happened earlier in the evening. While I don’t mean to sound as though I’m excusing Dahab’s carelessness, the driver in this case is far more dangerous.  It takes a special breed of criminal to leave a man dieing in the street because of your negligence and then speed away.

The LAPD is still looking for information related to this crime.  If you know anything, please call the West L.A. Traffic Division Officer O. Osbourne at 213-473-0234.  If you’re calling after-hours or on the weekend, please call 1-877-LAPD-24-7.

2 thoughts on The “Other” June 16 Crash Near Culver City, Pedestrian Slain, Cops Looking for Driver

  1. [mock outrage mode on]”We should ban all motorists! They’re all just scofflaws, running red lights and speeding!”[mock outrage mode off]

    Seriously… why don’t we hate on motorists as much as cyclists? Cyclists cause much fewer fatalities.

  2. Why do cyclists catch so much flak?  Because in the US, and in Southern California in particular, they are the “oddballs”, the “eccentrics” in their skin-tight pants, fluorescent jerseys and bizarre-looking helmets.  They are “The Other”.  Only in websites such as Streetsblog or in cities like Copenhagen do they have anything approaching a majority representation.  “Normal” people drive cars or other four-wheeled motor vehicles.  Once Henry Ford’s factories started mass-producing Model T’s, it was time to sell your stock in streetcar and bicycle companies.

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