SGV Connect 61: Nonprofit Leaders from ACT-LA, Investing in Place and LACBC Discuss COVID-19 Responses


This week, SGV Connect continues our coverage of the coronavirus and our regional response.

First, Kris speaks with Laura Raymond of the Alliance for Community Transit (ACT-LA) and Jessica Meaney of Investing in Place about transit agencies’ (especially Metro’s) response to the coronavirus. Like many groups and organizations, transit agencies find themselves learning as they go along, reacting quickly to rapidly changing events, sharing information with other agencies, and copying strategies from eachother. The role of advocates is to help agencies see aspects they may be missing that could help save lives.

In the interview, they discuss a letter sent by ACT-LA and Investing in Place to transit agencies about what they should be doing to protect riders and drivers.

In our second interview, Damien talks with Eli Kaufman, the Executive Director of the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, about how people can stay healthy and safe while bicycling during the “Safe at Home” order.  The conversation swerves into a discussion of the River Ride (get up-to-date information) and what we, as a society, can learn from our time sheltering in place.

Joe Linton has also written quite a bit about bicycling during the Corona Crisis. You can read his story, here.

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