LADOT Issues Cease-and-Desist Letter To Bird E-Scooters

Bird scooters should have approved city regulations soon. Image via Facebook
Bird scooters should have approved city regulations soon. Image via Facebook

It looks as if the kerfuffle over e-scooters could be ratcheting up a notch, with the city of Los Angeles Transportation Department (LADOT) issuing a cease-and-desist letter to Bird. The letter, dated June 8, directs Bird to “remove any and all vehicles that you have in the City of Los Angeles immediately.”

Bird is no stranger to these letters. Bird, Lime and Spin all received cease-and-desist letters from San Francisco in April. E-scooters disappeared from SF streets earlier this month when new regulations went into effect.

For Los Angeles, on-the-record details are scant, and the situation is perhaps in flux. LADOT had not responded to SBLA inquiries at press time.

Last Friday, June 8, Bird debuted their e-scooters in the downtown Los Angeles Arts District. Photos appeared on social media. Since then, the Arts District scooters have been removed.

Bird e-scooters remain in many communities on the west side of Los Angeles, including in Paul Koretz and Mike Bonin’s council districts. Though it is not clear from the letter, the situation on the Westside does not appear to have changed, for now. Bird’s operations there are generally supported by Koretz and Bonin.

LADOT has proposed a set of regulations that would apply to dockless shared devices: e-scooters, e-bikes, and bike-share. Those regulations are expected to return to the city council’s Transportation Committee later this month. Under LADOT’s current proposal, e-scooters would not be allowed in downtown L.A. during the initial one-year pilot.

In other e-scooter news, tonight the Santa Monica city council is voting on a dockless shared device pilot program. If approved as proposed, the Santa Monica rules would likely significantly shrink Bird’s fleet.


  • Sean

    Bird obviously neglected to grease the right palms before startup. This is just sad on so many levels.

  • Adrian Reynolds

    Not sad at all…this is a pretty weak measure. The real problem is the people who use the scooters and break the law repeatedly. Riding on sidewalks, dumping them as impediments to pedestrians, etc.

  • Tooscrapps

    These sound like the real problem with motorists. Oh and they kill people too!

    Ban cars!

  • 1976boy

    DTLA needs more last mile options, not less.

  • chairs missing

    So stupid.

  • Dr Fever

    L.A. needs real last-mile options, not these cheap toys.

  • JUBB 3500

    Good. Get the damn things OFF our sidewalks.

  • JUBB 3500

    Cars generally don’t race toward you at 20MPH on a sidewalk, paL.

  • Tooscrapps

    Nope. They just careen on to them at 50MPH.

  • JUBB 3500

    LOL. Good one, mate. Seriously, I don’t see a lot of bikes riding on the public sidewalks in Venice Beach or Santa Monica. But I DO see a shit load of scooters.

  • Mark W. Volovar

    They didn’t apply for a business tax permit neither did lime.